P is for Portuguese Citizenship…

I couldn’t possibly let the rest of the Iberian Peninsula go without me addressing it during A to Z – so today “P” is for Portuguese Citizenship.  If you’ve read my “B” post, you’ll know that one day I’d really like to make it to Barcelona, and the […]

Aum (Om) Symbol

O is for Om (or Aum)

  Yesterday while I was repeating Week Three of C25K jogging, I was thinking about what I was going to do for “O.” Oaxaca, obsidian, occipital lobe, odometer – none of these were inspiring to me – but as I continued to go through the alphabet (yes, I’m […]

Sunset on the lake in Copake, New York

N is for New York

Didn’t think I’d get back to the travel side of things did you?  Well, here I am. “N” is for New York, the place with a million nicknames – the Concrete Jungle, the City That Never Sleeps, the Big Apple – but not one of those comes close to […]


L is for Lifehacks

I’m sure you know her.  You might envy her, you might admire her. Perhaps a little bit of both…but you certainly don’t know how she does it. Well – maybe she’s Hermione Granger in disguise. She’s the mom who manages to get three kids to school effortlessly, on […]

Kindness is what we need to endure.

K is for Kindness

I think most parents and teachers worth their salt do quite a bit toward contributing to expanding the kindness exhibited in the world. Parents are tasked to teach the smallest and sometimes most selfish of humans how to treat others as are teachers, albeit in different ways. We […]


J is for Judeo-Spanish (AKA Ladino)

  Language has always been fascinating for me. My heritage is a mixture of Spanish and islander from Puerto Rico, along with Jewish folk from Belarus and Poland (DNA swabs will confirm my mother’s side of this coin in about a week – I can’t wait for the results!)…so […]


I is for Inflammation

About 12 years ago, I started seeing floaters in my eyes.  At times, it looked like black rain against a blue sky. Other times, it looked like a gray Maine Coon was sitting just to the right of my field of vision, and every time I looked up […]

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