Trader Joe's Brownie Crisps

Brownie Crisps

Wait, didn’t she just tell us six times that she has gestational diabetes? Yes, yes she did. However, I discovered these little gems prior to that and why should you deprive yourself? Just because I have to? No. You need to know about these. If you love brownies… […]

I want candy!

I Want Candy

As I wandered around the store, checking things off my list, finally getting the grocery shopping yesterday, I sang along to whatever the Trader Joe’s radio station was playing. When the tracks switched and I heard the first few notes of the next tune, I thought to myself,”They’re […]


Wednesday Word of the Day – Smokeanut

  smoke-a-nut – (/smōkəˌnət) noun 1: the three-syllable word that exists in most realms to only rhyme with the other noun, coconut Examples: Conversation with the little monkey while giving me rhyming pairs on the way home. Her: Tree, bee! Me: Yep! Good one! Her: Coconut… Smokeanut! Me: Yes, […]


Hotel California

The Man and I were doing what we often do on an evening where we don’t have any other pressing plans or writing to do– watching yet another episode of Anthony Bourdain’s travel/food bonanza shows. I love watching because it gives me the chance to armchair travel, and […]


Papa Was A Rolling Stone – A Tribute

There are always ones you know you’ll hear about.  You hope not to, but you know you will, and it won’t be good. There are those you know you’ll likely never hear from again, but you figure they’ll turn out okay anyway.  There are those you hope, and […]

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