Joyous Maya

Joy…on the face of a child

I do love to see the feeling of joy expressed on the face of a child, any child really, but today I wanted to talk about seeing it on my daughter’s little punim. She’s been very lovey-dovey as of late, constantly wanting to snuggle, whether morning or night, on […]


For the majority of the week, I’ve had “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin in my head as like many of you I still can’t get over the news of Robin Williams’ passing … but this post isn’t about that song. It’s actually about the song that made that […]

Grandma's version, with choco chips...

Got Bananas?

I’m sure some of you have been through this before.  You ask your kid what kind of fruit/veggie/food they want you to pick up at the grocery store.  They say something like, “Bananas! You have to get bananas!”…so you spend the extra money to get the organic ones, […]


Don’t fret. I’m not talking about the terrible 1995 movie with Denzel Washington. I’m actually referring to the concept of having great skill in a particular art, usually music, but also any other art that is performed with unparalleled mastery or expertise. When I see virtuosity in action, […]


My mother (and Uncle Jack) grew up listening to The Beatles. My Uncle became a drummer in a band called Lil Elmo and the Cosmos and my mama…well, she still loves to listen to the music, despite not being able to play an instrument and she somehow passed the […]

My blue friend...

I Heart My Foam Roller

Though I have a chiropractor I know and love, I never am able to visit him frequently enough. So given much of my job involves sitting, I need something else that helps my alignment, not to mention my tense back muscles. My solution? A foam roller. What is […]


Astronaut Ice Cream

Yesterday, we took a field trip to the California Science Center and let the Space Shuttle Endeavor do the job of impressing our guests.  Every time I visit there though, I’m reminded of something I used to get as a kid when I was at museums, and actually […]

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Three Boys and a Mom

Children are the anchor that hold a mother to life. ~Sophocles


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